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We provide a professional and efficient sales, purchase & letting service based on considerable experience and extensive knowledge of property market in Poland.

  • act in support about professional licence No. 4543,

  • possess the TUiR PZU S.A. liability insurance – the No. of policy PWO 00004050

  • are a member of Dolnośląskie Stowarzyszenie Pośredników w Obrocie

  • Nieruchomościami as well as Polish Real Estate Federation (PREF)

  • participate in exchanging system of offers the MLS POLSKA

  • co-operate with the best Notary’s Offices in Wroclaw,

  • co-operate with every estate agency holding a professional license

We offer:

  • an investment consultancy in range of property market
  • service in purchase, sale and letting of residential properties : houses, flats and plots
  • service inpurchase, sale and letting of commercial properties: business establishments, investment terrains
  • a precise examination of legal state of properties on basis of e.g. acts of ownership, land registers,
  • visiting administrators, developers and housing associations in person
  • analyzing copies of land registers in terms of any encumbrances
  • legal advise in terms of protection of customer’s interests in memoranda of agreements as well as the sale and the letting contracts
    preparation of drafts of contracts
  • a loan consultancy, help in obtaining loans and mortgages
  • service of foreign investors
  • running of professional training periods for candidates for estate brokers

Our Partners:

  • The Tomdom – designing and contractual company dealing with LECA (light expanded clay aggregate) houses
  • Piotr Oktaba- usługi remontowo- wykończeniowe
  • Eco-Ozon P.H.U.
  • Archicom
  • Lokum Developer